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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mo Dowd: Still Not 'Barry' Happy

It probably will surprise no one that Maureen Dowd in her Sunday NYT column is still not happy with Obama after his improved performance in the second debate.  Actually, she thinks the "real Obama" was the one we saw in the first debate.  And this:  The two candidates really do dislike each other.  She concludes:
Romney can only do offense, not defense. He expects to be catered to as the smartest guy in the room, and he clearly loathes being patronized by Obama. But some who have worked with Mitt say his teeth-baring is an act, overlaying indifference. Romney, they say, is all about crunching the data, regarding Obama coldly as an impediment to his dream of becoming the first Mormon president.
“Mitt does not express great love, and he does not express hate,” said one Republican strategist who knows him well. “Ledger sheets don’t hate.”
Meanwhile, Joe Biden today went his running mate one better, after he called Romney's economic plans "sketchy."  Biden today called them "etch-a-sketchy."

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