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Friday, October 12, 2012

Mostly (Praise For) Martha, But....

Like most others, Glenn Greenwald (now at The Guardian) praises Martha Raddatz for her moderating skills last night--especially considering the low bar set hy Jim Lehrer and others.  But unlike most, he also finds fault with the framing of her questions, the assumptions behind them and the myths they promote--such as Iran as our "biggest" national security threat and Social Security "going broke" and so on.  Not to mention Biden being better on issues--but only, in many cases, because of the foul GOP positions.   Excerpt:

"That is what this faux journalistic neutrality, whether by design or otherwise, always achieves. It glorifies highly ideological claims that benefit a narrow elite class (the one that happens to own the largest media outlets which employ these journalists) by allowing that ideology to masquerade as journalistic fact. "

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