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Friday, October 5, 2012

Oh, Those Wacky GOP Senate Candidates

Gail Collins in her Saturday column ignores the prez debate and instead surveys the 33 Senate races, from Mass. to Arizona.  Has typical fun with all of those silly GOPers,  such as Todd Akin.
Senator Bill Nelson in Florida received the gift of Representative Connie Mack IV as his Republican opponent, and promptly unveiled an ad calling Mack “a promoter for Hooters with a history of barroom brawling, altercation and road rage.” Mack’s fortunes seem to have been sliding ever since. Recently, while he was greeting voters at a Donut Hole cafe, one elderly couple asked him to get them a menu.

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democracy = mob rule said...

Its time we as voters put aside the petty attacks made in these ads and focus on what is going to impact us the most: spending. I know democrats have no problem with big government, but not every dollar spent in Washington is sacred! Check out Bill Nelson's record at billnelsonrecord.com and you will be shocked with how many times the senator has voted for spending, and how many times he has voted against eliminating waste.