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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Post-Debate Polls and Reaction

UPDATE #2  In the only poll I see on Tuesday, 
Reuters/IPSOS:  48% of registered voters say Obama won debate-- 33% for Romney.

UPDATE #1:  Nate Silver of the NYT has his survey of the surveys with a few polls beyond what you see below--but all favoring Obama.

Ross Douthat of the Times gives Obama "narrow win" but then hits the questions--and Candy Crowley.

Earlier:  The CNN poll of debate watchers finds Obama wins debate 46%-39%.  Wolf Blitzer, this time, admits up front that 8% skewed to GOP--just like last two polls.  I hope my hammering at this for past week did some good. So big win for Obama.  If you count "skew," big edge.

Blitzer now breaking down poll and finding bunch of areas where Romney did better on issues.  But AGAIN mentions poll skewed GOP by 8%.  Victory!

CBS's instant poll of undecideds:  Obama wins, with 37%, Romney gets 30%, 33% says it's a tie.

PPP poll of "moderate" voters in Colo.:  63% say Obama won.

Then, on the faux front,  we wonder if GOPers and wingers will be linking to that bogus CNBC poll again?  Not likely--right now shows Obama winning easily. 

Among the pundits:  David Gergen gave it slightly to Obama.  John King and Steve Schmidt both said Romney got clobbered on Libya.  Chris Matthews, of course, scores it almost a shutout for Obama.  Schmidt echoes my early tweet that if Obama had done this two weeks ago he'd still be far ahead.  Many pundits saying Obama won but then downplay it, saying probably won't stop Romney "momentum."  The view from Nowhere.

David Axelrod denies Obama saved the 47% reference to final minute.  Ace blogger Digby tweets:  "Fox is fact checking. Shocking that Obama lies about everything. Plus angry black man."  David Plouffe says Romney lied about not wanting to cut access to contraceptives and will use that in ads ASAP.   Krauthammer on Fox:  Obama "clearly had a good night,"  Romney very good but Obama "wins on points."  See fun art already posted around Mitt's "women-in-binders" remark.

Chuck Todd:  I've seen candidates who do not like each other but these two guys do not RESPECT each other. 

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