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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney Booted from Actors Studio?

James Lipton of Actors Studio fame on "Hardball" again just now, as he was after first debate, to review the performances.  He calls Romney "that boss" who tells a lame joke and then waits for you to laugh--or else.  Compares last night's debate to "the face off in High Noon, and the president was Gary Cooper.

"I'm ready to make a pronouncmenet.  America is now faced with a very clear choice--does it want to have a president or a boss? And I mean, a boss...And Romney wouldn't mind being called a boss."

On Romney's "rudeness" and breaking rules: "If Romney were the president and Obama the challenger and Obama treated the president the way Romney did--you would have heard an outcry from coast to coast and you would have never heard the end of it." As for the real Romney:   "It's very hard to read that man--though I'd like to read his tax returns.  He is very mysterious to me."

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