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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ryan's Way

Major NYT profile (if you can handle it) coming this Sunday on Paul Ryan and how he "can't lose" even if Mitt loses next month, given his future options.  This, of course, means they see no way he will be upset in his House race.  Although, look at Santorum's comeback this year.   Ryan talks about being a big Packers fan and, of course, somewhat more serious issues and concerns.  Then there's this: I thought the "Eddie Munster" thing was just a recent creation by snarky libs:
“Is this the guy who’s writing that hit piece on me?” Ryan said, rising to shake my hand. He’s adept at wielding sarcasm in a way that can both disarm and manipulate — signaling a likable, faux-fatalistic awareness of How the Game Is Played. At 42, Ryan looks even younger and more angular in person than he does on television. He says he was teased as a child for looking like Eddie Munster, because of his black widow’s peak.

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