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Monday, October 8, 2012

Saving Privatizing Ryan

David Brooks has a mixed view of Mitt Romney--you know, he "doesn't understand America" but hey, vote for him anyway--but he has remained a fan boy of Paul Ryan. So in tomorrow's NYT column he warns that Joe Biden will go after Paulie's "unpopular" Medicare plan--which Brooks then defends against attacks.
The Romney-Ryan approach might work. If it doesn’t, the federal budget would suffer but seniors wouldn’t. Today’s seniors would be left untouched anyway, and tomorrow’s would have the option of private plans or traditional Medicare. At worst, if the market approach flopped, we’d be back to where we started. 
This is idiotic.  "Back to where we started."  What about the tens of millions who opt out-- and come out far, far short on what they need to cover costs under their private plan.  You bail them out?  Let them rot in the street?  It's like privatizing Social Security.  Fine, until millions, who gambled and lost, come for their bail out or a tent to live in the park.

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