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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stones Still Letting It Bleed

UPDATE, Nov. 21:  Just announced that Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman will join the lineup for a pair of concerts in London coming up, no word if will also play with old mates in USA.

On verge of hot new docs, Rolling Stones, average age 68, release first single in six years, and it's pretty good, if generic.   Mick sounding very young (real or tech?).


Seeker said...

Sounds like the STONES! Get your pot, tell that tall blond down the street you got tickets, grab your condoms, and go for it!

Mike Pearson said...

Thanks for posting that. That's the first I heard of it.
Did Mick really sing about zombies?..really? I had a hard time paying attention after that.

Plus...is it to much to ask the one of the great riff/hook bands to dust off 3 chords, rearrange them, and give us something memorable.

Or, I could use your word, generic. Waiting for more.