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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tagg, You're...Out?

UPDATE:  Outlets such as USA Today and CNN happy to frame Tagg's remark as merely a ha-ha joke, nothing more, probably after calls from Romney camp.   Also: see controversy surrounding new "Bop Obama" punching bag for rightwingers--a black eye in more ways than one.

Earlier:   In a comment sure to get major play, starting now, Mitt Romney's top unofficial campaign advisor, and son, Tagg Romney, told a N. Carolina radio host today that during last night's debate he felt like rushing the stage and taking a swing at the President when he called his dad a "liar."  Even though Obama didn't.  Tagg said he was only stopped by the thought of Secret Service protection and realizing this was "the process."  Audio.
It looks like President Obama‘s strong debate performance has gotten into more than just Mitt Romney‘s head. In an interview with North Carolina radio host Bill Lumaye, Romney son and alleged de facto campaign honcho Tagg Romney said watching President Obama call his dad out over his lies made him “wanna rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at him,” restrained only by a cadre of armed agents, and the knowledge that “this is just the nature of the process.”
Obama should declare, "Like I said last night, we need to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of violent folks like Tagg Romney."  Imagine what Tagg said behind closed doors. Paging David Corn.

John Fugelsang tweets:  "I didn't fight but I really really wanted to.-- Tagg Romney 2012.  And Mitt Romney 1968."

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