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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Boss, the Big Dog and the Chief

As I predicted here several weeks ago, Bruce Springsteen will break his vow to not take part in the presidential race this year, appearing for Obama in Parma, Ohio, on October 18, along with Bill Clinton, and also in Iowa.  Springsteen had played for Kerry in 2004 and Obama in 2008 (plus at one of his Inaugural fests) but has expressed some disappointment in the President since.

Now something--perhaps Romney and Ryan--made him change his mind.  "Bruce Springsteen's values echo what the President and Vice President  stand for: hard work, fairness, integrity," said Jim Messina, Obama campaign manager. "His appearances will help with our get out the vote effort in these critical swing states and we are thrilled with his ongoing support."

Apparently Bruce now feels, "Yeah, I believe in the promise, man." 

Here's my new piece at The Nation--and how, when first met Bruce in 1972, I could not imagine him ever becoming very political, let alone a force in presidential races.

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