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Thursday, October 11, 2012

'Veep' As in 'Bleep'

New York magazine imagines what the debate would be like if it was created by the f-bombing folks behind Veep on HBO.   A few highlights:

Ryan on the last four years ..."You have put this office in a salad spinner of fuck."
Biden on Medicare vouchers ..."It's like trying to use a croissant for a fucking dildo. It doesn't do the job and it makes a fucking mess."
Ryan on the 47 percent ..."I've met some real people, okay? And I've got to tell you, a lot of them are fucking idiots."
Biden on Ryan's muscles ..."You know, I can see right through your shirt. Is it designed that way?"
Ryan on Biden's age ..."We need somebody who's plugged in. The only thing Joe's plugged into is his fucking piss bag."
Biden on his psyche ...
"I'm a political leper and an emotional time bomb, so here's an idea, let's put me onstage."

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