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Monday, November 12, 2012

Broadwell Co-Author: "I'm Clueless"

Well, at least he admits it.  It's been little-noted the past few days in all the stories about Paula Broadwell being "the author" of that Petraeus bio.  But she did it with a Wash Post reporter named Vernon Loeb.  Tonight Loeb finally posted his own piece.  (And see video there.)  He says he knew nothing about the affair, and has now contacted her for comment and not received a reply.  "On rare occasions," he admits, "her good looks and close access would prompt a colleague to raise an eyebrow about their relationship, but I never took it seriously."
By the time of Broadwell’s last reporting trip to Afghanistan, her access was exclusive: She flew out of Kabul on Petraeus’s jet after an emotional change-of-command ceremony and accompanied him during a barnstorming tour he made of European capitals on his way back to Washington.
I always thought that Broadwell’s motives were pure, and I always wondered why Petraeus was granting her the access that he did.
And, by the way, it's clear that he did most of the writing of the book, while she added many, many valentines to her hero/lover.  Since the book is selling so well now, let's hope he gets royalties and did not write it for a flat fee.

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