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Monday, November 12, 2012

Cher Linked to Chris Hayes!

She's got him, babe? Celeb singer/actress/whatever Cher is now romantically involved with MSNBC host and very married Chris Hayes who is half her age.  Well, she's always loved boy toys.  Now, don't get TOO excited, for our source is the National Enquirer and it appears it is nothing more than a girl-crush.  But it's caused Cher to change her ways, now ignoring bikers and looking for a rather nerdish fellow.
“Cher adores Chris,” revealed an insider. “She says he’s the perfect man for her despite the age gap and is bummed out that he’s married....She’s even e-mailed Chris to try to arrange a meeting – just to chew the fat about politics and the economy.

“She doesn’t want to mess around with tough guys and bikers anymore. She’d like to finally settle down with a man who can discuss things like world affairs and economic policies."
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