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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night Blog!

Fired up, ready to go, updated below from the top.  Here's my soundtrack.

11:15  NBC, then CNN and Fox all got election for Obama just now.  They said Ohio put him over the top, the GOPers still claiming state up for grabs and Romney won't concede.    But Virginia and Florida still possible for Obama, and others.

9:30  Major updates.  Obama wins PA, Wisc., Mich, now only needs to take Ohio, Virginia or Florida to wrap it up....AP declares Sherrod Brown winner in Ohio, and Casey in PA.   Fox calls Donnelly over Mourdock in Indiana--God intended it!   Various outlets say GOP will keep House.

8:30 Obama still holding 3% lead in Fla with more than 50% in.  More states called but no surprises.  Dems get big win in CT with McMahon losing to Murphy.  Nelson beats Mack in Florida.  King wins in Maine.  Exits polls very good for Warren in Mass and some other Dems for Senate.

7:55 Gergen: exit polls and votes upholding pre-election polling, foretelling good night for Obama, Dems for Senate--and I'd add, Nate Silver.   Also showing strong Dem edge in self-ID--which was mocked as "skewed" for weeks by GOPers.

7:40   CNN says exit polls has Obama up 3% in Ohio, even in N.C.    Obama up 3% in real vote in Fla. with 30% in.   

7:15   Exit polls: only 4% care much about foreign policy.  Would be different if we had soldiers in war zones.  Oh, we do?

7:00 CNN claims exit poll shows Virginia dead even.  It calls KY for Mitt and VT for Obama, no surprise.

6:55 Tweeters seem convinced Mourdoch going down badly in Indiana, as God intended. Running way behind Romney in votes already counted. 

6:30   NYT  says exit polls show Obama approval rating on the plus side.  Taegan Goddard, relatively sober,  got some exit polls from GOP friends which are not great for Romney.  Drudge has his own.  CNN has some showing economy top issue--duh!  But aren't many of them even less reliable than ever,  thanks to early voting? CNN reporter Peter Hamby says he got internal polls from Romney friend showing Obama with 5% lead in Ohio yesterday.

4:50 Deadspin bring us who jocks are voting for. To the show of no one, I hope, we learn Derek Jeter for Obama and ARod for Romney.  Michael Jordan and LeBron and Michael Vick for Obama and Jay Cutler and Wes Welker and Peyton Manning for Romney.  Etc.

4:40 David Schuster:  "State election officials in both Virginia and New Hampshire now say turnout is "exceeding" 2008 levels."

4:30 Hottest video of day--shows voting machine in PA switching a vote for Obama to one for Romney.

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