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Saturday, November 17, 2012

End Gerrymandering

I've campaigned against the Electoral College as fundamentally undemocratic--this seems to be gathering steam--but now turn my attention to gerrymandering (which may always be with us).  There's been a bit of hoopla over the fact that Dems won most of the vote for House seats this year but still managed to fall far short of taking back the body due, allegedly, to GOP gerrymandering during the past two years.  Of course, both parties do it, but probably never so aggressively, and successfully, as the Republicans in recent years.

Now here's a Chicago Tribune piece that lays bare the amazing facts: How the Dems swept the prez race and other top races in Pennsylvania and Ohio but still the GOP gained about 3 out of 4 House seats.  Would be comical if not so...undemocratic.

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