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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Final Newspaper Endorsements Bring a Few Surprises

As you may know, I have charged newspaper endorsements more closely than nearly anyone this year--as I did in 2004 and 2008.  Looking at the 100 largest papers by circulation, he has held a clear edge for weeks, especially when the circ numbers are tallied up.  But in the final weekend, Romney did close the gap.   One of the biggest surprises on his side: the Wisconsin State Journal in good old liberal Madison which had backed Obama last night around.  Not so surprising was the Daily News in New York going for him.  He also carried Newsday on Long Island.  And the Austin, Texas paper--in another seemingly liberal city--chose not to endorse at all.

Here's the complete tally.  Obama had a massive edge in 2008 but much closer this year.  The key: 11 of the top 100 that endorsed Obama in 2008 switched to Romney, but Obama picked up only one such switch this year.   PLUS: Check out my piece at The Nation, where I try to repeat my amazing success in the last two campaigns in picking the outcome in every swing state--based purely on newspaper endorsements.

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