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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fox Today Claims It Is "Most Trusted" News Source: But Do Viewers Still Agree?

I've often wondered: What would it take to make conservatives open their minds to the possibility that the "news" and opinion sources they rely on are mainly propaganda organs and lie to them left and right?  We have a nice test now.  Fox News this morning still running ads touting itself as "the most trusted" news sources, fair and balanced, and most accurate place for election news.  Of course, they got the election all wrong, with numerous hosts and paid commentators not only spinning lies for months but then assuring viewers that Romney had the election in the bag. Plus:  this is true for most of the rightwing talk show hosts and Web sites.  So:  how many, if any, of of their fans now re-consider the possibility that maybe these sources could be totally wrong about other subjects?

Or, like these sources, will they simply blame Sandy and Chris Christie and too many single women and Latinos in America now?

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