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Friday, November 2, 2012

Gail Collins' Election Check List

The NYT columnist's Saturday piece offers some final tips.  Here's #6:
You are probably going to spend Tuesday night glued to a computer or television that is repeatedly announcing it’s too soon to tell who got elected president. The time will go much faster if you’re diverted by the Senate returns. Since there are only about a dozen races in which there is any conceivable contest, it’s really not all that hard to become an expert. (“I believe Heidi Heitkamp has an excellent chance of beating expectations in North Dakota, which by the way is the only state with no voter registration.”)

My personal favorite is Connecticut, in which we finally get to find out whether a person whose only prior experience is that she helped to build a professional wrestling empire can get elected to the U.S. Senate if she spends $100 million of her own money. But pick for yourself.

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