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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

House Majority 'Gerry' Built?

You may have heard about retiring Rep. Barney Frank's claim that the House would be in Dem hands today without the egregious gerrymandering by GOP-controlled state legislators.   This was based at least partly on the well-publicized fact that Dem candidates won the majority of votes for House seats this year (so much for the Boehner and Fox claims of winning a "mandate" there).

But today the Wash Post "Fact Checker" column questions Barney's claim and awards him two "pinocchios."  They go with a pre-election study that projected that the re-districting would only help the GOP win maybe 11 races they didn't deserve, which would still leave the GOP in control.  Expect, as usual, some strong fact-checking of the Fact Checker today.

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