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Monday, November 12, 2012

If You Knew, Peggy's Brew

This has to be my favorite Peggy Noonan column ever, as it opens with what could be called a massive correction:  "President Obama did not lose, he won. It was not all that close. There was enthusiasm on his side. Mitt Romney's assumed base did not fully emerge, or rather emerged as smaller than it used to be. He appears to have received fewer votes than John McCain. The last rallies of his campaign neither signaled nor reflected a Republican resurgence. Mr Romney's air of peaceful dynamism was the product of a false optimism that, in the closing days, buoyed some conservatives and swept some Republicans. While GOP voters were proud to assert their support with lawn signs, Democratic professionals were quietly organizing, data mining and turning out the vote. Their effort was a bit of a masterpiece; it will likely change national politics forever. Mr. Obama was perhaps not joyless but dogged, determined, and tired.
"Apart from those points, everything in my blog post of Nov. 5 stands."

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Marjie Gowdy said...

Ah. Yet, in our rural, Republican, white Virginia county, I did keep up the hope - plenty of Obama 2012 yard signs on long country roads prior to 11.6 and one heck of a Dem organizing presence countywide.