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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ike and Kay vs. David and Paula

Yet another great piece on the Petreaus Affair affair from Amy Davidson (I have highlighted her two previous ones here).  Just go read it, but a lot of it hinges on some poor media comparisons and how Eisenhower's (alleged) affair with his driver during World War II was nothing like the current matter or matters.  And even if Ike was around today and still age 60--doesn't seem likely he would be so loosey-goosey on emails.

She also points out that women now make up 20% of our military recruits and the only reason we can still maintain a volunteer army.  Here closer:  "The real question is not what Petraeus saw in Broadwell, but whether he and his fellow generals see the potential and abilities of the women who have committed their lives to the military—and may, and the sooner the better, themselves be the great generals our country really needs."

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