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Friday, November 9, 2012

David Petraeus and A Certain Suicide in Iraq

In the wake of Gen. David Petraeus's abrupt resignation as CIA chief this afternoon--citing an extra-marital affair--a lot of other dirty laundry about the man dubbed "St. Petraeus" by some critics will probably be aired.  My own contribution: I've been writing for years about his possible role in the shocking suicide of a high-ranking and much esteemed officer in Iraq, Col. Ted Westhusing (photo left).  A West Point man and ethics instructor,  he shot himself in the head in 2005 after leaving a suicide note that implicated Gen. Petraeus (his boss) and another officer in contractor corruption and abuse of Iraqis. Some claim he was murdered because of what he knew.  I doubt that but the story is horrid enough.  Catch up with it at link above.

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