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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Krugman on 'Poll Rage'

Yes, Nate Silver is now "god," some say, but also check out this new blog post by the NYT columnist on shaming of GOPers for their weeks of charges of "skewed polls."  This, he argues, "may even serve a social purpose, making news organizations a bit less likely to treat these pundits as fonts of wisdom.But I think there’s something else that needs discussing. The rejection of polling evidence wasn’t just a matter of wishful thinking on the right; it was accompanied by intense rage."
What we’ve just seen is a peek into the modern right-wing psyche, which is obsessed — more than anything else — with power. Policy is one thing; but equally or even more important is the sense of being with the winners, of being part of the team that will stamp its boots on the faces of the other guys. And while conservatives of that ilk would probably concede if pressed on it that there’s a difference between the perception of being on top and the reality determined in an election, emotionally they can’t separate the two: they perceive anyone suggesting that maybe they aren’t going to smash their opponents as a threat.
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