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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lindsey Graham: Just Like a Woman?

John Heilemann, very early on Morning Joe today, in a discussion about opposition to Susan Rice, suggested that Sen. Lindsey Graham is, essentially, a "woman."  This was in the context of Sen. Kelly Ayotte replacing outgoing Joe Lieberman in the "three amigos" grouping (McCain, Graham, Lieberman).  Heilemann said that now two of the three are actually "women."  Well,  Joe Scarb had a good laugh about it right on camera and then they moved on.  And, as Mediaite just noted, that bit was pulled when the segment was re-aired after 8 a.m.  Here's the original:

1 comment:

Paul Hobbs said...

fromYep, just like a couple of high-school jocks. I find it troubling that people watch that show to stay informed.