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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nate Returns, With Bad News for GOP

The newly anointed "Lord and God" Nate Silver has taken a well-deserved break from writing since Election Night, while promoting his book and, one hopes, resting and not getting too "drunk."  But now he's back with new post at NYT, citing possibly long-term troubles for the GOP.   Sobering: Even without ultra-key Ohio, VA and Fla, Obama would have won! And:  "Had the popular vote been a tie – assuming that the margin in each state shifted uniformly – he would still have won re-election with 285 electoral votes, carrying Colorado and Virginia, although losing Florida and Ohio.

"In fact, had Mr. Romney won the popular vote by two percentage points, Mr. Obama would still have won the Electoral College, losing Virginia but holding onto Colorado."

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