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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rachel Maddow as 'Big, Angry, Man' Controversy Rolls On

Perhaps you missed the suspension of a local TV news anchor after she posted on her Facebook page that Rachel Maddow was an "angry young man." Much debate has followed and now a columnist for the Plain Dealer in Cleveland has rushed to the defense of the news reader.  He fails to make distinction, in any case, between  allegedly "looking like" a man (even in Maddow's own words, and I would even disagree with that) and "being" one. Also note headline reference to "gay tax."   But read on.

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Crazy Horse said...

I have been scrutinized too much myself BUT HOW ABOUT THAT ANGRY WHITE MAN ~~ANN COULTER ??

Crazy Horse said...

Robert Robb ARIZONA REPUBLIC COLUMNDEST knocked ont out to the park on CONSERVATIVE SPIN on the Press Compare parapphrase "Main stream press has become irrelevant!" contrast Romneys loss was aided by a PWERFUL PRESS i think this is priceless

Crazy Horse said...

I see the election victory for My PRESIDEDNT OBAMA as the GOP finally paying a consequence for the big mouths out there i.e Akin, Mourdock, Limbaugh, etc etc