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Friday, November 9, 2012

Reality Check: Dems Face Daunting 2014 Races

Yeah, it's too soon to talk about 2016, but what about 2014?  Senate races for that year will be starting soon in our screwed-up, mixed-up, shook-up political world.  And until today, I did not realize that nearly all of the most competitive seats that year will feature vulnerable Dems--from Al Franken (who won by 312 votes last time) to several incumbents in red states.

Chris Cillizza, Mr. Horse Race (he did do a 2016 preview yesterday) has the scorecard, with claim that 9 of the 10 seats most likely to flip are now held by Dems, whose lone best shot is vs. Mitch McConnell--in very red Kentucky.   Paging Ashley Judd!   Of course, few thought Jon Tester would survive this year.

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