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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: Will 'SEAL Team" TV Movie Help Obama?

We covered last week the National Geographic Channel's decision to air its slightly fictionalized raid-that-got-bin-Laden film "SEAL Team Six," just days before the election--after some late editing to pump up the president's role a bit.  Some GOPers have complained, noting it's coming from big Obama backer Harvey Weinstein.  Now Alessandra Stanley has just posted her review at the NYT.  She notes,  "it looks a lot like a Republican recruitment film written by Dick Cheney. The only problem is that the president who ordered the daring manhunt is Barack Obama..... It’s an ode to presidential resolve, wrapped in a thick layer of Special Forces derring-do that is so red, white and blue it would make Karl Rove blush."

But then she makes an absurd (and embarrassing) comparison, declaring that this film is "no more and no less" a work of propaganda than a Showtime flick from 2003 that glorified George W. Bush's action related to 9/11.  One difference that comes to mind:  Obama really did get bin Laden.  Bush not only did not get him--he was president when we were attacked on 9/11.  Stanley even complains that the film gives "short shrift" to Bush adminsitration intelligence gathering.

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