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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Simon Hits Journo Coverage of Petraeus

David Simon, of "The Wire" and "Treme" fame, has a new piece up at Salon's "Sex" section.   Naturally it's on David Petraeus.  After listing some of the famed who have fallen, he observes:  "His penis, too, has roamed. And now he is grist for the usual mill. And there will be three themes that we must now endure ad nauseum from all of the men and women of our media elite who will gather around their laptops and type so furiously as to obliterate everything they actually know about human sexuality and achieve the necessary velocity for judgment and arrogance."

He then goes after another Simon, columnist Roger, before concluding:
I’m neither an admirer nor detractor of General Petraeus. But I am most definitely a detractor of what journalism has become in this country, of what passes for the qualitative analysis of our society and its problems. And I’ve paid enough attention to the human condition to no longer take seriously the notion that anyone who lets penis or vagina rub against the wrong person, who is indiscreet in doing so, and who then tells the truth about it when confronted by an FBI agent is unfit for either citizenship or public service. 
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