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Sunday, December 29, 2013

'Treme' and 'Tipitina'

Tonight will be final episode of final season for often uneven but much enjoyed Treme.  The series has rightly highlighted by David Simon's use of what I have long promoted as our true "national anthem." It was featured right in the first episode, and at length to close last season's finale.  I'll expect to hear it in some form tonight. 

But perhaps many of you have never actually seen Fess perform it, so here he is, with the Meters, no less.


Johnny Salstone said...

Thank you for that video. Prof with the Meters is very special. Sincere appreciation.

parrotdr edg said...

Ironic that you quote T.S. Eliot in the title of your blog. The Bar Mitzvah Boy in the episode is my son, and his name is Eliot (after T.S.).

parrotdr edg said...

Ironic that you quote T. S. Eliot at the head of your blog. The "Bar Mitzvah Boy's" name happens to be Eliot--named after his father, who's named after T. S. Eliot.

It was great he was asked to play that song in the role--he's been playing it for years and it was the song he played when he first auditioned for Treme over 2 years ago.