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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Your Sunday 'NYT' Columns Today

Still hidden the NYT site but brought to you by me, here are the final pre-election thoughts of Nick Kristof (women), Thomas Friedman (a "civil war" in both parties the morning after), Ross Douthat (what's at stake).  And a new Krugman blog post.

Just added:  Frank Bruni on the morning after acrimony.
I’m going to take a pass on predicting who will win the presidential election on Tuesday, because I can make a safer, more confident prediction about what will happen in its aftermath. The embittered troops of the party that loses will claim that their candidate didn’t get a fair shake and will hunker down to fight and foil the victor. It’s what we do, God help us. It’s who we’ve become. 
And Maureen Dowd on "The Loin King."
Has President Spock, who bounded into action on Sandy and rocked a New Jersey woman in his arms, really grown? Or is he giving us what we want for the moment so we’ll give him what he wants for the next four years?

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