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Friday, December 14, 2012

And Now: Dozens Dead at Elementary School

Update #18  NYT has longest backgrounder on Adam Lanza, tracked down many former school mates, all testifying to his awkward, loner early life.  Some claim they were told he had Asperger's (would not lead to violence) but far from confirmed. ... David Remnick at New Yorker with strong challenge to Obama on guns.

Update #17  NBC News:  "UPDATE: Weapons in shooting were legally purchased & registered to gunman's mother, law enforcement say."   As often happens:  someone with mental illness who might have been prevented from purchasing weapons--I know, not likely--still able to get them because so plentiful.

Update #16  Unspeakably said Twitter feed of principal killed, #DHochsprung, ended yesterday.   Such as two days ago:  "Sandy Hook students enjoy the rehearsal for our 4th grade winter concert - a talented group led by Maryrose Kristopik!

Update #15  CNN sources say mother of gunman actually shot at home in Newtown, not at school--a different teacher shot there.  She was teacher's aide at school. A teacher killed at school.... Apparently most kids shot in first grade classroom.  

Update #14  We need to talk about Adam.

Update #13  5:00 p.m.  Lt. Paul Vance, CT state police.   Still won't talk about the 2nd crime scene.  Or ID shooter.... Mike Huckabee just now on Fox: "carnage" at schools happens because we don't have enough talk about God in schools.  Of course, he is on the spot, with folks asking, How could God allow this?

Update #12  Now reports from Fox that killer was carrying ID of a brother Ryan Lanza, 24, and that shooter was actually Adam Lanza, 20.  Not official.   But just now, from CBS News twitter feed:  "BREAKING: Source familiar with investigation says Adam Lanza is shooter & is deceased; Ryan Lanza, his older brother, being questioned in NJ."  NYT in their main story flatly names Adam as gunman and says he killed himself.

Update #11  Conn. governor Malloy presser. Introduces state police spokesman who says:  18 children pronounced dead at scene, 2 taken to hospital and dead.  Six adults dead.  Plus shooter. Confirms another adult found dead away from school (brother?).  Still no word on how shooter died. Only one injured so shooting was lethal--a problem with this weaponry...CNN IDs and runs photo of principal, Dawn Hochsprung.

Update #10  AP reports that girlfriend and friend of gunman "missing in New Jersey."  Later found.  CNN: source says gunman's brother has been killed in Hoboken.  If true, that would be the body in his apartment reported earlier.  But what of a report of brother in custody?  Perhaps had several brothers.  Or brother NOT killed.

Update #9  Obama at presser says he reacts first as parent not as president.  Loses composure a bit for 15 seconds, wipes tear three times. "Our hearts are broken today."  "As a country we have been threw this too many times." "We're going to have to come together and prevent tragedies like this, no matter the politics." Whatever that means. 

Update #8   NBC:  Shooter allegedly targeted his mom, Nancy, and her kindergarten class, for some reason. Mother is dead, along with most of class....Another NBC report: police talking to his younger brother who is the second person in custody mentioned earlier....NBC still reporting, though some dispute, that a body found at gunman's apartment.

Obama to speak at 3:15.  Still no fill police presser.

Shooter IDed for awhile as Ryan Lanza, 24 (or perhaps 20).   Still very unconfirmed, though. And a Twitter feed denies. But now some say the Twitter feed is a hoax.  UPDATE:  Now reports that Ryan's brother Adam is actual shooter.
Update #7   Rifle at left (a .223) of the type found in shooter's car but not used in shootings.  Yes, it's legal... Protest at White House at 4:30...First press conference from state police.   First call 9:30.  Troopers arrived.  Gives NO info on fatalities.  Shooter dead but no word on how died.   Seem to be less chance now that 2nd suspect was a shooter or perhaps not even involved.

Obama called governor.  Maybe told him he would push for gun control if wins 3rd term.

Update #6  CBS: 2nd suspect in custody.   "Possible second shooter."  Van had been surrounded in Danbury.  Scouted locations but not sure what that means. Now one claim that 4 guns, not 2 found.  And gunman had been spotted in school wearing the usual body armor and camouflage outfit.  Press conference in a few minutes.

Update #5   Now from CBS:  27 dead, 17 or 18  children.  Gunman a "young man from New Jersey."  Perhaps age 20.  Had some ties to school.  SWAT team at his father's house.   Awaiting media, Dems, Obama going all boo-hoo over this, then doing nothing.  David Gregory just shut down Andrea Mitchell as she called for crack down on gun violence, saying we need to wait and hear about gunman's "motives."

Update #4   NBC:  at least 20 shot, many children in kindergarten classroom, death toll unclear.   "One entire class unaccounted for."

CNN: witness/teacher says at least 100 shots.  Shooting started in hall.  Two bodies in pool of blood in hall, allegedly a principal and school psychologist who went out to investigate.  CNN confirms they are dead.  Students had to be marched past the bodies.  Vice-principal shot in foot.  Question of how shooter got in locked school. 

Update #3  Hartford paper reports multiple "deaths" now.  Just now they tweet:  "CONFIRMED: sources say children are among the dead."   Glock and another gun retrieved.  Reports that many of shootings in a kindergarten classroom. 

Update #2 Hartford Courant now confirms one dead--but not sure if shooter or victim. Probably the shooter who is now said to be an adult.  Report of two handguns found and "multiple" victims rushed to hospital.  Also report that school principal was target for shooter. One wonders that if just a grudge with principal why kids would have gotten hit.  Also not known if shooter was shot by someone else or took his own life.

Update #1: MSNBC just got live report.  School district in lockdown.  One report has two shooters--one dead, one not.  But that, and injuries,  unconfirmed. Hartford Courant update, along with Twitter. TV showing parents rushing to scene and blocked off "triage" area but not sure if that means many injured--could just be precaution.  Ambulances not rushing from scene.  Police still reporting a shooter dead, but no longer suggesting there was second shooter.  Say that at least one person had "numerous" gunshot wounds in the school's main office.

Just happened in Newtown, Connecticut and one carried out already and other injuries reported.  Here's one report.  Newtown is in fairly remote area, not far from New York border.   Follow @HartfordCourant.


cgregor said...

Eighty-one percent of all gun homicides in the US are done with weapons whose owners mislaid, left unsecured, sold, gave, lent or pawned. Much of the national carnage would be eliminated if gun owners were responsible for the use of the weapon they purchase for the duration of its existence.

In other words, once they buy it, it's theirs for life. The only way they can escape the responsibility is by destroying it.

Mac Johnson said...

Hey, thanks for getting this info out. People need to understand what is being allowed in the name of the 2nd amendment. These people are defending freedom they are endangering it. Thanks again.