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Monday, December 15, 2014

Birthday Boy Beethoven

It is believed (though some dispute) that the great man was born tomorrow in 1770.  So ponder that this was 244 years ago as you listen to this modernist epic that he penned.


Laurence Glavin said...

Dd Russians have trouble experiencing Beethoven's music? Tolstoy accused Beethoven of writing music that was too cerebral for its own good. Tchaikovsky struggled to appreciate Beethoven, and seemed to find easeful solace in Mozart, and one can hardly fault him for that. But closer to our time, Stravinsky claimed that the "Grosse Fuge" was his favorite composition by Beethoven and was as modern as anything composed in the 20th Century. But he was also quoted as saying that he "hated" Beethoven, and that what he saw as cult of Beethoven was merely a bunch of intellectuals (there's that word again) pretending fascination with music thay don't really understand as musicians do. Fast-forward to these economically-difficult times, and everywhere one turns, performing organizations schedule as much music by LvB as they can to sell tickets and fill seats.

Doctor Noe said...

Greg, hat to be a noodge, but ...