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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Costas on MSNBC

Lawrence O'Donnell just hosted Bob Costas for first TV interview following giant blowout over his gun commentary (after murder-suicide involving NFL player).  Bob says that perhaps the controversy has done some good--getting people to talk about issue again.

Costas says some misunderstood that he was strictly blaming guns, to exclusion of domestic violence "aspect," football violence,  mental issues, alcohol or drugs, but he simplydidn't have time to mention other things.  He said he was talking about "gun culture," not repealing 2nd Amendment, but does favor stricter gun control.  But he's mainly concerned with "gun culture," such as people who say that if all were armed it would have prevented the Aurora disaster.

Now "young athletes are disproportionally armed."   Recalls Tony Dungy saying that at one of his NFL training camps 65 of 80 players said they owned a gun.

Costas again asked for the name of a single pro athlete who has benefited from having gun, but he could name dozens who have been harmed.  Concludes: "The ready, easy, availability of guns makes mayhem easier...it's far more likely to occur."

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