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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Snap Decision

UPDATE #3  Shocking report tonight that the dead man may have been on the tracks for as long as a minute or 90 seconds without getting help.  Onlooks allegedly too much "in shock" to respond.  Or too busy snapping photos?

UPDATE #2  Suspect in pushing just taken into custody.

UPDATE: NYT now covering this and asking for Comments.  Eleven so far. 

Earlier:  It's not quite the Kitty Genovese case, but there's likely to be much debate about all this for some time.  So weigh in yourself here or over at Twitter.  In a nutshell:  crazy guy gets in argument with NYC man, pushes him on subway tracks.   Photog on scene (he freelances for NY Post) snaps snots of man about to get run over by train.   Claims he could not help--or rather, flashed his camera (whatever that means) to alert train.  Hard to say if could have done more--not being able to judge distances and time that well.  But at 12:30 pm so likely many others nearby.  What did they do?  Your thoughts?

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Jay P said...

I'm more concerned about the bizarre surveillance video of the argument just beforehand, which was released by the NYPD and shows an unsteadily moving camera and high-quality audio. Very creepy, and makes you wonder what else they're picking up on in the subway stations these days: http://jaypinho.com/2012/12/04/cameras-and-a-death-on-the-subway/