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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Several Shot at Gun Shows on 'Appreciation Day'

Utterly classic.  First: Two shot and taken to hospital at this gun show as they marked today's Gun Appreciation Day. The gun show was then shot down.  And two other shootings at gun shows in Midwest.  UPDATE:  And even more incidents across the country.  No "good guys with guns" around to stop this from happening, I reckon.  NBC covers here.  No doubt other shootings not reported, will update on Sunday. Just one example:
A man brought the 12-gauge shotgun to the show at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds and was attempting to remove it from its case when the weapon went off shortly after 1 p.m., police said.
Linwood Hester, 54, of Durham, was struck in the left hand by birdshot, according to Joel Keith, police chief with the state Department of Agriculture. The birdshot also struck a woman identified as Janet Hoover, 54, of Benson, and Jake Alderman, a retired sheriff’s deputy from Wake Forest who was working at the event.
Alderman was treated and released at WakeMed North Healthplex for a minor injury, Keith said. Hester and Hoover were taken to WakeMed. Details on their conditions were not immediately available. 

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