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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Denver Post

Yes, sharing a birthday today with the likes of Richard Nixon, Jimmy Page and--Muggsy Bogues--is the great Bob Denver.  Oh, you semi-younguns might know him as Gilligan, but for us true geezers, he's more Maynard G. Krebs--his first big role as the beatniky friend of Dobie Gillis.   It was my favorite comedy show back then, and even featured roles for young Tuesday Weld and Warren Beatty.   A clip, with Dizzy Gillespie reference, though without Maynard's usual bongos.  His favorite exclamation was always: "WORK?????"  And he may (as Loudon Wainwright suggested in a song) been the godfather for later generations'  over-use of the word "like."

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Unknown said...

Like, Happy birthday, man.