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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Earl Weaver Dies--My Anecdote

The great and very lively former Orioles' manager Earl Weaver has passed away at the age of 82.  I interviewed him for a profile for SPORT magazine about 30 years ago.  He was, indeed, a riot to chat with.  And it    turns out we both saw Don Zimmer's last HR. 

Earl was manager of the Buffalo AAA club around 1967, which moved to my hometown of Niagara Falls due to race riots.  As sometimes happened in those days, when rosters got short, managers who had played in the bigs would activate themselves for a day or two.  So Zim did that--and hit a dinger.  When I told Weaver that, he said he was managing the Rochester club at the time, and the dinger was hit off--all-time great Jim Palmer!  Weaver, who had love/hate relationship with Palmer, said he never let him forget it...R.I.P.

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Laurence Glavin said...

eltusioV Tito Francona was a guest on NPR's "Weekend Edition/Saturday"n this morning, and he told a story about the season that Michael Jordan tried to make it in Major League Baseball. One day after BASEBALL practice, Francona and some other baseball players got together for a pickup BASKETBALL game. They nwerem just about to finish up when some player got a layup orn such as, and Jordan became angry, saying "I always have the last shot"; thinking that he had hadn the last word, he started to walk away, when someone said "let me know when you can hit a curve ball". Jordan was 3 shitsuitably chastened.