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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bradley Manning Gets Some Credit--But Not Enough?

Email just now from the Bradley Manning Support Network.  Note what 112 days off from a life sentence really means.
After more than two weeks of intense litigation by Bradley Manning's defense, and hearing how Quantico brig staff blatantly disregarded Navy Rules in their mistreatment of Bradley, military Judge Denise Lind has confirmed that Bradley was punished unlawfully before trial by awarding Bradley 112 days credit. Instead of awarding 10-for-1 credit, which would severely reprimand the military for its handling of Bradley and which would significantly impact Bradley’s potential sentence, Judge Lind gives 1-to-1 credit for selected portions of Manning’s confinement.

“She confirmed that Bradley was mistreated, and vindicated the massive protest effect that was required to stop the Marines at Quantico from torturing Bradley.” the Bradley Manning Support Network’s Jeff Paterson said. “Yet, 112 days is not nearly enough to hold the military accountable for their actions."
UPDATE: The great Charles P. Pierce comments:
We have lost control of our criminal justice system in cases like this. Due process has become so malleable as to lose its internal logic. Between the seemingly endless echoes of the 9/11 attacks through the law, and the improvisational gymnastics the government has undertaken to do what it wants to do anyway, the country's most fundamental principles have become lost. And yet, we keep trying to gussy up our authoritarian impulses in the robes of the law, to make marble tributes to our undying virtues out of our spontaneous terror that the rule of law is the source of our most dangerous weakness. This is not sustainable. We must be one or the other.

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