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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Father of the Year?

Or just story of the day?   A police detective/narc in the Miami Dade force provided his daughter with materials for her 4th grade science fair entry--namely, three drug-sniffing dogs, and an ounce of actual cocaine (street value $1300).   Take it away, Yahoo: 
Not surprisingly, she won. The first-place honor gave Emma an automatic entry into the Miami -Dade Elementary Schools Science Fair, where her drug-sniffing project earned an honorable mention.
“The purpose for this scientific investigation was to find which dog would find the cocaine fastest using it’s [sic] sense of smell,” the fourth-grader wrote in the abstract for her project, titled "Drug Sniffing Dogs."
Bartelt, according to the Miami Herald, fellow detective William Pedraja and Sgt. Samantha Machado provided the dogs (a springer spaniel named Roger; Levi, a golden retriever; and Franky, a retired chocolate labrador) and the cocaine. (Franky showed he's still got the touch, locating the illegal substance in 43 seconds.)
Emma's mother, Michelle Bartelt, said the experiment was her daughter's idea and that Emma was under constant supervision and "did not touch the cocaine."
“[Doug] handled the drugs,” she said. “He’s always very meticulous about how he handles drugs.”
John Schuster, a spokesman for the school district, issued a statement saying the project, while unusual, did not violate any of the science fair's rules—and that cocaine is not a specifically banned substance.

1 comment:

Theodore Wirth said...

Maybe possession of illegal substances is not spelled out in the rules of the science fair, but how can it be legal to ferry around a Z of coke, presumably into a school or an exhibition center?

You've got to believe me officer, it's for a science project!