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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting 'Mental' About Guns

We've followed the plans and extreme positions of the Gun Appreciate Day organizers (it's coming this weekend) from the start--they claim he has already "gutted" the 1st amendment and now going after the 2nd.  So here's the latest, an email to me on part of their response to the Obama gun proposals:
The Gun Appreciation Day statement on Obama's executive orders regarding the mental health litmus test:

"The mental health litmus test is wrong and plagued with unintended consequences. We do not live in the world of 'Minority Report', there is no pre-crime. We must not infringe on Americans' constitutional rights because they seek therapy and counseling. How many patients will avoid the mental health care system in fear they will lose their civil and natural rights and be registered and stigmatized as crazy?"

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