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Sunday, January 13, 2013

He Got Kaepernick Right

This guy ought to identify himself now.  The byline at Bleacher Report reads simply, "Hard Truth Correspondent."  Somehow he was maybe the only person in the world (beyond the player himself) who thought Colin Kaepernick's ceiling was quite as high as we saw last night in his staggering NFL playoff performance for the 49ers.   Kaepernick only got one scholarship offer to college, and was not highly heralded after he graduated, despite posting big numbers (the competition was not the best).  Many were surprised when he went as high as the high 2nd round when picked by San Fran.   But this post, from two years ago,  not only said he should have gone higher, but said he was best QB--and the best talent--in draft.  And dig this conclusion:  "I would not be one bit surprised if Colin Kaepernick is the QB we will be watching on Sundays in a few years, preferably in San Francisco!"

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