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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Man Disrupts School With Right-Wing Paranoia

With right-wing paranoia and nuttiness at new high--in light of fears that Obama is going to take away all their guns--we will probably see even more of this, especially after Sandy Hook:  A school in suburban Chicago freaks over father of two students there expressing protest after he wrongly hears "liberty" dropped from Pledge of Allegiance and also--students recite the school's creed while facing the flag.  Also they promise to obey rules.  In the beginning of the Hitler Youth movement, people made similar promises," he pointed out.

He carried on in front of kindergarten kids in this manner, then emailed school official a threat that he had "spilled blood before" and would do so again to defend freedom.  He's now been banned from school property and cops are watching him.   For more on where he's at see his YouTube "likes" page.   And his Facebook page, which even repeats his creed/flag thing.  The two cute kids pictured at top?  His wife just got a protection order so he can't see them.  (h/t @HonestyinGov)

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Wayne Borean said...

Only slaves pledge.