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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mo and Less

The great Charles P. Pierce opens his latest with a rant against Maureen Dowd for leadng way in the claim that Obama needs to "schmooze" more--you know, like Lincoln and LBJ--but it's the closer you really have to consider and enjoy. 
This is the silliest goddamn meme in the history of silly goddamn memes. There is nothing this president can do to move the Republican opposition toward reason. (You can lead the whores to water...). They don't like Democratic presidents. They particularly don't like this one. They don't think Democratic presidents are elected legitimately. The particularly don't think this one was, twice. They are insulated in safe districts. They are the occupants of a self-sustaining universe of think-tanks, sugar daddies, talk-radio cowboys, and ideological chop shops. This simple fact is not going to change even if the president were magically to become a combination of Cary Grant and Sidney Poitier over the soup course. He could sprawl across a staircase, and it wouldn't matter.

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