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Saturday, January 26, 2013

'Pops' Music: Most Influential?

Over at dreaded Facebook many have been taking their quiz/contest on how many of the purported "100 Most Influential Albums" they own.  I haven't joined in, although I probably own 90%--of albums before 1980.  After that: More spotty for sure.   But, in reality, the most influential music of the past century, all released as singles (no albums then), was created by Louis Armstrong and his Hot Fives and Sevens (and other groupings)  in the mid- to late-1920 .  It not only sparked modern jazz and popular music, but did it in the three key spheres:  instrumental, vocal, AND first prime use of guitar (Lonnie Johnson) instead of banjo.

All captured here in what is virtually the recording of the century, aptly titled "Hotter Than That."  That being all music created before.  Tip: now go on to "Tight Like This."  And top it off with "St. Louis Blues" and "West End Blues."

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