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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nate Silver: No Gold For Obama But Not Bad

Fun, typically lengthy and wonkish (but with more history than usual) Nate Silver posting on where Obama may end up ranking among all of our presidents.  Well, there are no stats, like in his old field baseball, right?  Wrong, we can separate those who got 2nd terms and share of electoral vote, right down to those who were not even nominated for another go.  (Love his reference to a now famous baseball geek stat known as Wins Over Replacement.)

Anyway, he says much left to know but as of now he projects that Ohama ought to end up about 17th best--mind you, Reagan is placed 10th by one survey of historians and Truman 6th--which grades as average to good.  But he now has just under four years to go for the top 10.

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