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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nate Silver Returns to (Favorite?) Subject

Forget politics and elections--Nate Silver made his early name and coin as a baseball stat freak whose name I knew even back then.  Now the 2012 election is behind us, and he's written a bestselling book, he has some free time before the next election cycle, so he has tackled some other topics.  Today he looks at the recent voting for the baseball Hall of Fame (results announced tomorrow), and predicts that the backlash against known cheaters will likely kill the chances of some others who may be guilty and may not (Bagwell, Piazza, others).   I'm against all known cheaters but also find it silly this demand that great players gets in the Hall when first eligible.  Many past greats have waited years to get enshrined and it was no big controversy then.

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Ben Starr said...

Why would an "injustice" to an old time player justify an "injustice" to a modern player?