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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stan "The (Harp) Man" Musial Dies at 92

One of the truly, deeply, great baseball players ever, Stan Musial, died today at age 92.  He's one reason I recently expressed no sympathy whatsoever for cheaters who are being kept out of the Hall of Fame, for now.  Hell, he hit .330 when he was 41 without juicing.  But then again--he hit .330 for his entire career. My favorite stat:  696 strikeouts in 22 seasons...34 a season.   Also he was lifetime Democrat, and was known as a mean harmonica player.

One of my favorite fun facts about Stan was that he was member of one of the stat-fanatic "sabermetric" groups and on his application under the question "interest/expertise" he wrote: "Hitting a baseball."

In fact, he might have wanted to be remembered just as much for playing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," as here.  Below that: his final at bat.  Yes, got a hit off tough pitcher Jim Maloney.  The hot grounder went past a rookie second baseman name Pete Rose.

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