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Monday, January 14, 2013

Stewart Responds to Krugman

UPDATE  And now, late today, in a brief bit on his blog, Krugman responds to the response, calling Stewart "still lazy.  Also, can dish it out, but can’t take it. Sad."  Jonathan Chait agrees

Earlier: As I predicted in my piece for The Nation this morning, Jon Stewart responded tonight to Paul Krugman's slams (in blog posts and on a Web cast) of his mockery of the Trillion Dollar Coin idea last week, an idea Krugman thought was not completely crazy.  Going through Krugman's points--after calling him the "bearded Nobel laureate"--Jon  first addressed "lazy," explaining "I'm here four days a week banging it out 22 mintues a day."  Poor staff research? "Don't blame my ignorance on my staff--that's all me."

Ruining his "brand" by joking about the coin idea? Maybe Krugman ought to worry about HIS brand in not laughing about it.  Then he closed by saying he continues to stand by what he'd said about the coin: "It's a stupid fucking idea."  But he added,  "I am a fan of Paul Krugman."  Video below.

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Anonymous said...

"Maybe Krugman ought to worry about HIS brand in not laughing about it."

He did. He called the idea "silly, but benign."