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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dick Morris: Hail and Farewell

Media Matters with a delightful review of Dick Morris's rise and fall at Fox, as he's getting the boot (an apt word in his case) at last after a laughable election year.  I actually met Dick about 35 years ago when I was senior editor at the short-lived Politicks magazine in New York (among the junior editors: Michael Pollan and Daniel Brewster).    Our editor, Tom Morgan, had worked for Mayor John Lindsay as press spokesman and I guess Morris worked for him, too.  So Tom asked Dick to write something for  us.  I remember him limping across the room--he had some sort of accident--to shake my hand and chat.  Seemed arrogant even then.  Fortunately, the magazine went out of business before Dick could become a regular. 

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